Foodservice Products

Discover our complete product selection and upgrade your customers’ coffee experience with our selection of tips, tricks, and with an extended suite of marketing tools. Let’s build our coffee business, together.

Carry our products

If you are a distributor, restaurant, café, office, hotel, or retailer, and you are interested in carrying our products, please send us a message.

Merchandising and Design

Some would call it style. We prefer “good taste”. The entire range of in-store décor, merchandising and staff uniforms have beendesigned to match Caffè Vergnano’s simple elegance.

Barista Training

The Vergnano Academy is a SCA-certified training center that offers professional barista courses for experts but also for coffee lovers looking to learn how to make the perfect coffee at home.

Menu Ideation

Our in-house culinary staff is constantly sharing tips and recipes with our network of partners and clients and can also help you develop a unique menu for your coffee shop based on your seasonal needs.

Hotel and Office Solutions

Our line of portioned coffee beans, exclusively dedicated to the OCS channel, caters all types of coffee drinkers, from classic espresso to drip coffee lovers at work or on the go.

Talk To Real People

We know that nothing beats face-to-face interaction when it comes to business, especially in times of need. When we can’t physically be there, we make sure a dedicated member of our team is available to give you their total support

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