Accademia Vergnano

The Accademia Vergnano is a SCA certified training center, a place where you can acquire all the skills a barista would need to grow their business.


Qualified and tailor-made training for baristas

Accademia Vergnano is a SCA Training Center, based in Chieri outside of Turin, our training combines theoretical lessons and practical exercises with certified trainers.
If required, you can take SCA Certification exams while learning about the oldest Italian roasting company.


Acquire all the theoretical and practical skills needed to improve your daily work

Accademia Vergnano will help you become a well-rounded professional in the world of coffee.
Our team of expert trainers provides a real understanding of coffee and will improve your skills with coffee grinders and a wide range of professional machines.

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Training Center SCA

At our Premier Training Campus, we provide specialised academic courses and training programs designed to impart an all-round knowledge of coffee culture – the secrets and professionalism needed to deliver the art of coffee to the world. We’re dedicated to professionals in search of excellence, to those who want to make every espresso a true masterpiece. Our courses are also open to those who simply love coffee and want to understand every aspect of it.

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to be accumulated during the training course to obtain the SCA certification.


Depending on its level, each SCA course offers various credits.


Modules can also be taken over several years.


Once the final exam is passed, your trainer will complete your final exam registration.

Discover all the SCA modules

An Introduction to Coffee

Learning about the entire coffee journey, from its origins to the present day. This module provides an overview of the coffee value-chain.

Barista Skills

For those seeking a deep understanding of coffee: from the practical skills required to set up a coffee grinder to milk straining and cappuccino preparation.


This module was created for all those who wish to learn more about the different coffee extraction methods.

Sensory Skills

Discovering the essentials of sensory evaluation in a practical and interactive way

Green Coffee

For those willing to learn about all the key concepts related to green coffee: production, processing, classification, shipping, storage and arrival at destination. Also, to get to know the coffee contracts and the management of the portfolio.


Follow our Accademia courses remotely

Our specialist coffee courses are also available online. These courses were designed for customers who wish to interact remotely and use their own equipment.

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The family house where everything started is now open, welcoming Accademia Vergnano baristas and trainers.

Accademia Vergnano is based in the old family house where our founder, Domenico Vergnano, grew up. Visiting the house and its original rooms, you can discover the company’s history from its origins to the present day.

From the ‘Practice Room’, equipped with five different espresso machines, a brewing and mixology corner, to the ‘Theory Room’ and ‘Cupping Room’, every element of the coffee making process is covered. In the courtyard there is also a ‘Green Coffee Room’, where guests can touch and feel different coffee origins and discover the fascinating differences between Arabica and Robusta.

Accademia Vergnano around the world

There are several Accademia Vergnano locations in Italy and around the world. Remarkable places where you can learn about the culture, secrets and art of coffee.