Open a Women in Coffee Cafè

Join Caffè Vergnano's social sustainability project.

Women in Coffee at the cafè

Women in Coffee (WIC) is a charitable fundraising project that shines a light on the role of women in plantations and women's empowerment projects. WIC gets behind the counter and customises the coffee selection, the merchandising and the equipment to make enjoying coffee at the bar a great all-round experience.
Women in Coffee supports social sustainability projects for women
A Special Project
For select baristas whose story is consistent with the initiative and who want to be part of a project built on solidarity
Caffè Vergnano donates a portion of its proceeds from the sale of coffee and products to WIC projects
Fijne koffie
The varieties that make up the WIC blend originate from the main regions featured in our projects

What will you receive?

A tailored pink plan that not only meets your needs but respects the features of the venue itself. The limited-edition coffees and equipment, as well as products for the barista and end consumer all contribute to creating a special atmosphere and support real sustainability projects for women.

A plan tailored to your cafè

The various elements involved in the project can be combined in different ways to suit your needs.

A blend based on solidarity

The resulting blend of coffee varieties from the areas in Santo Domingo and Honduras featured in our projects. Packaged in 50% recycled and infinitely recyclable packaging.

Bar merchandising

Espresso cups, cappuccino cups, mugs, tops and aprons bring a "touch of pink" to the venue and staff.

Specialized training course

Courses for staff provided by a qualified trainer from the Vergnano Academy.

Products for customers

Customers can purchase limited-edition items at the venue, actively contributing to the fund-raising effort as a result.

Why open a Women in Coffee bar?







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