Celebrating 140 years together

A journey made of family, passion, tradition, quality and above all choices.
We dedicate this milestone to all those that every day believe like us in the coffee ritual. May this story continue to spread throughout the world.

Embracing the ritual of coffee for 140 years.

Because the ritual of sharing and enjoying coffee belongs to everyone: bringing people together. This is our vision, and these are our values.


From the beginning, in the small coffee roasting plant founded by Domenico Vergnano in Chieri, we have honoured tradition, producing our coffee using the slow roasting method.

This is the authentic method which protects the richness of every single coffee bean. And it’s a process, instigated in 1882, which we still respect 140 years later.


Ours is the Vergnano family’s story, told over four generations. But, in truth, we’re a bigger family, including all the people who have contributed their passion and commitment to the growth of our business over the years.

Everyone is important and everyone is valued,
whether they cultivate, create, innovate, taste, select or help
to tell our story. Like our coffee, we are all unique.


For us, quality is a combination of tradition and innovation. This is how we plan every step forward, paying absolute attention to detail, every day.

Not simply in terms of production details, but in every aspect of our organisation and products. Bringing beauty to the world with Caffè Vergnano 1882.


Passion fuels everything we do. Always growing and moving forward. We have crossed borders, nurtured generations of baristas, opened cafés across the world, and brought millions of people closer to the culture of coffee. Championing an idea, begun 140 years ago in a small workshop, which now reaches every corner of the world.


Everything depends on the land upon which we live and grow. It’s the source of our coffee’s unmistakable aroma, and home to the people who we work with and whom we love. And so we devote ourselves to the best environmentally-focused technologies and sustainable solutions, helping to make our world better for everyone.

They are why we are the way we are. True to our roots, and to the future.

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